How to Exhale

I don’t know, really, because we all have our own individual ‘sparks’.  You know, I may find release one way, you may find it another.
The thing is, we must make a point to do it.

ocean view


For me, it’s the sea air and walking along wooded paths, preferably surrounded by flowers.
For over 20 years, we’ve been coming to the coast every chance we get, regardless of the season.
The light is clear.
The shadows seem to dance.
Even the snow has it’s own grace.
It doesn’t take long to start to feel the daily pressures floating from your shoulders. Let it take flight.
Have a moment. To appreciate life. Let yourself gain a fresh perspective  on some of the things you’ve been clouding up your vision with.


Really, the ocean can do all of that?
Yes, it does for me.
That’s why we moved to Maine. To get that feeling more often, and to share it with others.
This is the experience we hope to give our guests at the Morning Glory Inn.

This is what drew us to this magical piece of the world; the quiet beauty that you can see and feel. The tides that consistently come in and go out.

We came here for our own moment of of ‘exhale’. And with the Inn, we want to give that essence to all who enter.

At the beginning of each spring/summer, I go to the ocean, the beach, actually. My favorite is a big beach at low-ish tide, so it’s wide as it is long, I just stare and say hello.

Then I exhale. It’s summer again.
Popham Beach

Maine Coast Light

t’s been said that the Maine coast has so many twists and turns, that if you made a straight line with a string, it would stretch, … far.

Maine coast light on Harbor beach

All of that craggy coast makes for some interesting and unusual light.
It’s what makes the coast so endlessly fascinating.

You may even fall in love with it as we have.

We moved here as the leaves had almost finished falling. It hadn’t turned cold yet, so we took lovely walks by the river, the harbor and through wooded trails.
As an artist, light’s effect on what you see has ben a major focus and inspiration, but having moved to the Maine coast from the city, it struck me anew,..
and with shocking brilliance.

Watching the shoreline, the tides, and the sunsets, has brought so many variations to what we see every day.
The picture above foretold the oncoming change from summer to fall, and it’s colors sang out.